Class of 2009 of State Junior High School 1 Ciamis Alumni

Below is the alumni list of 'Class of 2009' of State Junior High School 1 Ciamis. Alumni with profile pictures are members of IKA NESACIS and the photos connected with personal url addresses (facebook accounts, blogs etc). We have already had data of alumni with profile pictures and alumni names with blue color in our database. If you click the name and redirected back to this page, it means we have the data but no personal site available at present.

Class A:

Class B:

Class C:

Class F:

Class G:

Others from Classes of 2009:
Apriani Purnamasari, Mamat Rahmat, Mutia Pratiwi, Nurdiansyah Nugraha, Puji Nugraha, Rinzani Edyani Putri, Yustia Yulianti.

Photo profil dan nama yang memiliki tautan untuk di-klik, artinya sudah mengirimkan biodata. Silakan Akang/Teteh segera mengirimkan biodata melalui link ini: ISI BIODATA.

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